Essay d’une A-ssociation


How do virtual and intersubjective social associations affect our neuroplasticity? How do we think or imagine the social and what role can artforms such as installation- and soundart play in this context? How can we present or represent, narrate or renarrate our idea of the social and how can this thought be materialised in space?

What creative social potential lies in an installation such as Essay d’une A-ssociation? EdA invites two people to become part of the installation, to sit with or in front eachother in this partly unfamiliar situation, seperated but yet connected through listening to the same soundpiece. They are being surrounded by seemingly floating objects, alien objects (chromatic masks, rose sticks, letters and other amorphous things), that invite the participants to become partners, play with the objects, with each other and follow their streems of associations while testing out the possibilities of a social that they are just about to co-create.


“A Group of ANTs installed an association of neuroplastical networks into DOOM’s Mind. Thereby s*he wove several textures into mapped Sets of Effects and re-materialised thought in spaced ships.” (Nobody actually ever said that.)


IMG_5962EdA at Voodoo Berlin, 2018

Fotos by Shazad Madon and UIUS Institute