Grafiskulptur is a series of muralpaintings following a curiosity that seeks to explore, combine and bemuse the two- and the threedimensional. When does the line become a plane, a surface, a region, space? Again, like in GRAFITECTURE, the question comes up: How does the space influence the system of lines, the grammar of my painting, what kind of dialogue evolves between place and paint? Where does the two tip into the three, how can we see the three as two? How do thirty two dimensional sculptures smell?

And when it comes to dialogues i always remember well the pleasure and this gift that came accross my way down in Tblisi. Suddenly i met this geezer Nepu, when he was sitting there in a backyard reading his book. And only a few moments later – so it felt – we stood together at the wall. One of the most sparkling moments for me was when we both realised while painting: we have to stop thinking and talking and just do. Put some paint on the wall. Cheers bruv.

UIUS and Nepu, Georgia and Berlin 2018/19