Textur is a collaboration with Soundartist Ame Zek. He plays objects, speaker and prepared zither, very well so. I read text, as if I had done so for the first time in my life, what a pleasure. It all happened at Erratum Galerie in Berlin in January 2018.

The Texts that were part of the reading come from books by Warren Neidich about Neuropower, Sybille Berg about love and the end of the world, Maurice Merleau-Ponty about bodies becoming texts, Wolfgang “Wicked” Welsch about the evolutionary third eye of philosophy, Rainer F. Foelix about spiders eating insects, Yoko Tawada who tells us that dolphins are the pigs of the sea, Joris K. Huysmans who bathes us in the smell of the thousand harbours of ancient parfume and of course Maurice Blanchot, who has a few words to say about death and other things as well as from Roland Barthes, who has been a major influence for the whole idea of Tex_tur.

What is it all about? Text_ur is about searching and finding out (or not) but trying to find out where text (written word, read or spoken word) becomes space, becomes sound, becomes noise, becomes a spatial texture, so to say. And Ame Zek provokes and strokes this text or texture with a sound-texture, objects that are being transformed or deconstructed or displaced from their original material context. The objects become sound and lose their role as a signifier, become significant by speaking noise (not about noise), no music, no words, just rumbling and fizzling texture. Thank you.


Special thanks to Jana Jedermann for the great video, which was a central part of the installation that was put up at Erratum Galerie and thanks again to Ame Zek for this collaboration, the learning, the fun. Thanks also to the patient audience that was sitting with us in the fog and thank you of course to the whole Erratum team, that made this textperiment possible. Thanks again to Shazad Madon for filming the event and thanks to Martin for editing the video.