Goldföhl & Golföhlmini

IMG_0989IMG_0988IMG_0987IMG_0986IMG_0985IMG_0980IMG_0978Goldföhl. What is Goldföhl? I don’t know. It’s gold, no? It’s not a sculpture, no? Is it props, like Andreas said? Maybe it’s props. Maybe it’s heavy, maybe it’s light. Maybe it’s plastic, maybe it’s brass. Maybe it is. It is from the year 2018. It was cold back then in febuary in the south of Germany. We got invited to come here and spend 5 days working on something that could be called sculptures. Could. Must not. We got filmed working on our things which was funny and maybe because of that it turned out to feel more like a prop. It’s not brass. It’s quick materials: plastic film (good old dirty plastic), foam (Yuck!), wood (Yeah!), gold of course, real gold, a few litres (maybe 10). What else? There was threee of us. Jane and Emika and me. We became friends, that was one of the most magical parts of our trip. The film crew was also very kind and the people that prepared food for us. Thank you so much Kaspar. The film with us and our works now is an imagefilm for Föhl, funny, no? They make cool parts out of plastic and zinc, for cars. And other stuff. I don’t like cars so much but i liked to use the Föhl parts for the sculpture that was a prop. For me those fine parts that are being made for a very specific use were aliens. Little aliens i tried to communicate with: Hello!

And then there is Goldföhlmini. The little sister of Goldföhl that was the first step towards a bigger Föhlowitsch. Goldföhlmini is another space ship, of course, seeking something, finding nothing. Or manything. Something. Miniföhli is also made outta gold, plays with the old aura of the aurum, doesn’t come to an end but starts all over again when a possible end squints around the corner. “We do have to squint from future into the past to see where we can land our spaceship here today.” “I guess you’re right.” “See ya later.”