Lemonbutterfly in Chaosmos

Lemonbutterflyeffect? What happens when the Lemonbutterfly flaps it’s wings? Does cosmos become a bit more chaotic?

In the forest at the edge of the city.
Lemonbutter, Butterfly, Chaos and Cosmos.
It’s all about reflection and repitition.
Look at side A and see side B.
Come back to A and see it differently.
Walking around in circles isn’t possible.
The circle becomes an elliptic experience.
We start at the beginning and come back to the beginning: differantly.
This is the elliptic deconstruction of the circular experience.
The again produces an: against!
In the museum at the edge of history.
From the forest into the museum.
I take the painting, I move it.
Now it stands in the house.
Not in between the trees anymore.
It breathes differently now.
Walk around the two paintings that are one.
See through, see you, see C.
A and B don’t make AB, they make C.

Berlin 2020