Stein / stone, Zeit / time, Schall / noise, Platten / boards, Spieler / player. There you go. Stoneagevinylplayer and so on and so on…

We recorded the sounds of the Stoneagevinylplayer and translated them with a commercially available (dt.: handelsüblich) dictionary. The outcome was the following inter- respectively trans-view. Yours Selma Lindgren and UIUS.

U: How would a wo*man from stoneage play her*his vinyl?

S: Must have been with more effort! Much larger, and heavier. Everything is heavier in the stoneage. Don’t you think?

U: I guess so. Heavy rolling stones that play sounds for the future. Would you say this machine could be seen as one of the first computers ever built? What’s its program?

S: Yes! I think so. It must be a swing, bounce and rotary program. Do you think there are more machines like this out there? And if so.. where can we find them?

U: Swing. Bounce. Rotate. That sounds fun. What do those moves sound like to you? Find more machines … hm. Maybe ring Tinguely and ask for help?

S: Sorry for disappearing for some days! And the late reply! Was looking for Tinguely, nowhere to be found. Ended up swimming some days among streams of Fishli and.. du Weisst. Came back home now, my flatmate is whisping eggs. It’s 12 o clock, the church bells are ringing. I’m setting the table with silver cutlery. That’s what I think the swing bounce and rotary sounds like.

U: Fishli and i know. Of course. How is it these days, to swim with the fishlis? What do the fishlis tell? Still them same old bubble sounds? I’m back at the white lake now. Even though the water looks quite dark these days. I think of summers that were there and summers that will come. Remember when our Stonagevinylplayer was playing outside in the hot sun? Sorry for my delay now. Do you also have the feeling that everything is delayed these days?

S: Yes! + an occasional underwater explosion. I remember! It was so warm that summer and the sun was gleaming on the hot metal sheets. The Stoneagevinylplayer didn’t seem to care though, it was just doing its thing, only us suffering under that heat. Ha! Machines are immaculate. … and so are we.

U: Immaculate. What a word. What a thought.

S: They come! They go.

U: …words, waves, thoughts. Come, go, come again, go again.

S: Gutes Ende? 🙂

U: Yes 😛

Stoneagevinylplayer by Selma Lindgren and UIUS. Berlin 2018.

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