Enter the Voit (Fussnoten)

Abstract: Enter the Voit (Fussnoten) is a collaborative video-essay that has been formed together with Selma Lindgren in Vienna, 2020. … More

I’d prefer not to

I’d prefer not to (I‘dpnt). I’d prefer not to write anything about this post. Because I’m much more happy reading … More


Julia Kristeva, „Das Semiotische und das Symbolische“, in: dies. Die Revolution der poetischen Sprache, Frankfurt/M. 1978 [1974]. Berlin, 2021

Lemonbutterfly in Chaosmos

Lemonbutterflyeffect? What happens when the Lemonbutterfly flaps it’s wings? Does cosmos become a bit more chaotic? Berlin 2020

Goldföhl & Golföhlmini

Goldföhl. What is Goldföhl? I don’t know. It’s gold, no? It’s not a sculpture, no? Is it props, like Andreas … More

Why Not Die

Why Not Die? The result must be that it is okay to die. This main sentence of the small video-essay … More