PORTAL is an installtion from 2016 using different media to create a spatiotemporal experience sprouting from the terms text and reading. PORTAL trys to push those terms towards their conceptual boarders seeking their spatial potential.

Written and read text, photo, audio, painting, plastic-film are being woven into a multilateral texture that intermingles with the recipient and his*her way of reading it. The installation invited the recipient to spend some time and explore todays central heating room of the old Museum Kesselhaus in Berlin-Lichtenberg differently. The Kesselhaus itself has been a little combined heat and power station for about 100 years. For the exhibition “DIE WERBUNG” in 2016 the room was filled with a 6-hour audio loop. Rather abstractly noted memories and perceptions from a journey through Portugal were associated with the question of a methodology of writing and translating perception into something like written text. A further structural transition of text took place recording the written text and associating it with minimal sound of a piano and then playing the recording out in the new surrounding at Kesselhaus.

Press play to listen to the audio that played in the exhibition.