I’d prefer not to

I’d prefer not to (I‘dpnt).

I’d prefer not to write anything about this post.

Because I’m much more happy reading than writing.

Like a thief during the light of day.

But i can’t steal anything,

can’t copy anything,

cause there ain’t no original.

This maybe can be seen as a result of  I‘dpnt:

it’s all a trace,

sung by time,

and space,

it’s all a:



Big up to Kim Sonntag and the work of Kunstblock and Beyond. Without their brave and committed work I’dpnt would never have seen the light of day.

Big up also to Sokol Sadiku and thanks for the friendly talk we had on the 5th of july 2021.


We can rather imagine the end of the world, than the end of capitalism.

Rest in peace Mark Fisher.

And rest in peace Daniel Dumile.

Rest in peace Dagmara.

Berlin, 2021

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